Weekly Updates: 6/3 -6/15

Top Stories

  • AlMaghrib Promotional Eventcoming soon to the TwinCities!!
  • Membership Update – 450 members and counting!!
  • AlMaghrib-TwinCities Booths on June 5th– @ Dar Al Hijrah Conference and Brick-by-Brick (MYNA Youth Program)
  • Upcoming Outreach Efforts
  • Next meeting, June 19 @ 8am in Masjid Al-Huda

If you feel like you are not involved enough and want to actively help this project, please join the Executive Committee and work with the dedicated brothers and  sisters that are working hard to make this project a reality, bi’ithnillah! To join, simply send an email to
almaghrib.minnesota@gmail.com, with a subject line of “Exec Committee Signup”.


Membership Update
We are proud to say that we’ve reached 450 members on our  mailing list, alhamdulilla! We’re taking advantage of various community events to present AlMaghrib to various locations. Within the next couple weeks, we’re shooting for 500 members total. Help support this goal by spreading the word and directing people to this sign-up link:

Promo Event Dates submitted to AlMaghib HQ
We have submitted the following candidate dates  for our first AlMaghrib promo event here in the TwinCities:
  • Weekend of July 31st and Aug 1st
  • Weekend of August 7th and 8th

We will wait to hear back from AlMaghrib HQ to see what they come back with in terms of speakers availability and schedule confirmation. We will keep everyone posted on anything we hear back, insha’allah.

AlMaghrib-TC Booths and Presentations– June 5th
1)Dar Al Hijrah Conference– Alhamdulillah, we had a really nice set-up at this conference, and we had about 30-40 people sign up.  Visit the link to view pictures from this event:

2) Brick by Brick/ MYNA Youth Program (Masjid Salam)– We gave a quick presentation about AlMaghrib-TC and passed out fliers/sign-up cards; although this event attracted a much younger audience, we still had about 10 people sign up!
Upcoming Outreach Efforts
AM-TC Booths and Presentation @ Abu Bakr Islamic Center Convention (June 18th-20th)– VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! This is a major opportunity for advertising and presenting the AM-TC effort.  This conference has anywhere between 6000 -8000 people, masha’Allah so we will need a lot more support from this group in order to make sure we are successful at this event.
In addition to the above mentioned efforts, members of the AlMaghrib-TwinCities Executive committee are working closely with various masajid and community organizations to spread the word about the AlMaghrib-TwinCities effort.

Next Meeting

  • June 19th , 8 AM @ Masjid Al Huda

We will discuss progress of our outreach efforts, assign new tasks for up-coming events, and insha’Allah decide on details for our AlMaghrib Promotional Event.  This meeting is open to everyone; attending this meeting is a great way to learn more and get further involved in the AlMaghrib-TwinCities effort.

Jazaakum Allahu Khayran, Wassalamu Alaykum Wara7matullah

AlMaghrib TwinCities Team

Join us NOW!
Web: www.theBuildingBlocks.org/AlMaghrib


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