Weekly Updates: 7/24-8/7

Assalamu Alaykum Wara7matullah,

Top Stories:

– Promo Event Update – AlMaghrib coming to Minnesota after Ramadan!
– Road Trip to Qabeelat Wasat for AlMaghrib Seminar
– Membership Update – 800 members and counting!
– Next Info Session, August 7th @ 8am in Masjid Al-Huda
– A Weekly Dose of AlMaghrib Lectures!!


If you feel like you are not involved enough and want to actively help this project, please join the Executive Committee and work with the dedicated brothers and and sisters that are working hard to make this project a reality, bi’ithnillah! To join, simply send an email to almaghrib.minnesota@gmail.com, with a subject line of “Exec Committee Signup”.


1) AlMaghrib-Twin Cities Promo Event
Our Promo Event dates to the Weekend of September 18-19th. This time around, AlMaghrib HQ has committed to reserving the schedules upfront and we are now looking at bringing Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya for the Promo Event! Insha’Allah, this is a great way for us to utilize the month of Ramadan to further promote the AlMaghrib Twin Cities initiative, reach out to a larger audience, and make the necessary plans for this event.

2) Road Trip–Beatiful Patience at Qabeelat Wasat
We had seven brothers and sisters travel to Qabeelat Wasat in Chicago to attend “Beautiful Patience: Tafsir Surah Yusuf.” We will blog-post their thoughts and reflections about their experience shortly, Insha’Allah.

3) Membership Update
We are proud to say that we’ve reached 800 members on our mailing list, alhamdulillah! We’re taking advantage of various community events to present AlMaghrib to various locations. Within the next couple weeks, we’re shooting for 1000 members total. Help support this goal by spreading the word and directing people to this sign-up link.

4) Next Planning-For-‘Ilm Session
August 7th, 8 AM @ Masjid Al Huda. We will discuss progress of our outreach efforts, assign new tasks for up-coming events, and insha’Allah watch some educational lecture by prominent AlMaghrib scholars. This meeting is open to EVERYONE; attending this meeting is a great way to learn more and get further involved in the AlMaghrib-TwinCities effort.

5) AlMaghrib Institute Weekly Dose
In an effort to stay true to AlMaghrib Institute’s purpose of spreading the knowledge of Islam, here is this week’s Dose of AlMaghrib Lectures– Enjoy and Benefit!

Abu Eesa Niamatullah: Re-discoving Excellence–The Lost Virtues.

Jazaakum Allahu Khayran, Wassalamu Alaykum Warahmatullah
-AlMaghrib TwinCities Team


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