A Beautiful Patience: Reflection I

One Weekend, One Awesometacular Seminar, & A Sister’s Reflection Along the Way…

“Last Weekend, my siblings and I had the opportunity to travel to Qabeelat Wasat in Chicago to attend AlMaghrib Institute’s Beautiful Patience: Tafsir Surat Yusuf seminar taught by Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya.   I’m not one who is often at loss of words, but it really is hard to quantify the experience in a few sentences.  The EmanRush I got was immeasureable and the quality and quantity of knowledge I gained far surpassed my expectations.  Sheikh Abdulbary is a superb storyteller, has a captivating lecturing style, and a great sense of humor.  The material was oozing with GEMs (Genuinely Emotional Moments), priceless chunks of knowledge and wisdom.  SubhanAllah, as humans we are naturally drawn to stories because of the lessons and hikam (wisdom) that can be derived from them.  After taking this seminar I realized no story is comparable to the story of Prophet Yusuf; it is indeed “the best of stories.”  The ahadith and scholarly interpretations associated with this Surah made this beautiful story even more beautiful.  Patience—no beautiful patience now has a new and refined meaning in my life.   

For all the skeptics out there who don’t buy the hype about AlMaghrib Institute, for people who think their Eman level is too low, their knowledge level too low/too high, or their attention span too short to spend a whole weekend in class, I BEG you to reconsider!  In college, we take classes for several reasons; if the class is not required, we might take it because we enjoy the topic, the instructor, or those taking the class (our fellow classmates).  Often times, coming to class can be a dreadful experience because the topic bores us to death, the instructor is not teacher-material, or the classroom environment is depressing.  SubhanAllah, with Beautiful Patience, we had an amazingly divine topic (intense but at the same time accessible), a well-qualified, professional and captivating instructor, and a large auditorium of dedicated students of knowledge who were absolutely thrilled about taking the class.  I remember feeling sad after the class finished, because I was leaving such a blessed gathering.  My only wish was that the Muslims of Minnesota could have experienced what I experienced during this seminar.  Insha’Allah when AlMaghrib Institute comes to Minnesota, they will have a chance…”


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