Trying to Take Over the World…

Assalamu Alaykum Wara7matullah!

Banu Madinatayn, the Minnesota clan branded newly with the “Banu” status (yes, yes, we deserve a “congrats” for that), has left marks of their existence in the worlds of Facebook, WordPress, GoogleGroups, AlMaghrib Institute Forums and, just recently, YouTube!

Check it out: B.Madinatayn Channel

In all honesty, I carry no personal bias when I say this, but my sister put this *Masha’Allah* absolutely gorgeous link together (no personal bias–I swear). Boost up her self-esteem a few points by subscribing to our channel; leave a comment, share with friends, and get the buzz going with the B. Madinatayn’s YouTube page!

Now, members of our marketing committee are no “Stephen Spielberg” video experts by any stretch of the imagination—although we’re getting there—yet we’ve taken it upon ourselves to represent the AMTC effort in all spheres of mass communication. On our new channel, we’ll have our Promo Event videos, seminar trailers, and weekly dose of AlMaghrib lectures posted. Here’s a sample of our first-ever YouTube upload:

Jazakum Allah Wassalamu Alaykum!


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