Water: Calamity in the Month of Mercy


Should the headlines read such formidable news, the global community would no doubt be in a state of utter shock.

THE MATTER OF FACT IS: Land greater than the SIZE of England has indeed drowned. The damage in Pakistan is unfathomable and the statistics pouring in have grown beyond comprehension. This is pakistan’s WORST FLOOD in 80 years.

        Over 1,600 killed               20 million affected               More than 4 million homeless

                         6 million at risk for disease               1 million homes destroyed     

Where is the assistance of the Muslim Ummah?

AlMaghrib Institute’s instructors have rallied together and joined hands with Islamic Relief to bring to you an Ilminar discussing this very topic. As Muslims, we are endowed with another plane of responsibility towards humanity; being the worshippers of Allah (swt), we have been entrusted with the role of caretakers for our fallen brothers and sisters. To magnify the task at hand infinitely more, it has fallen on Ramadan: the month of mercy, the month of hope.

They are drowning, they are dying; they are in danger of being wiped out. They await your hand; attend the Ilminar and learn how you can help save not only an entire nation, but all of humanity and many generations to come.

Water: Calamity in the Month of Mercy–Show your support & RSVP today.


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