What’s the Scoop on the Promo Event?

Quakes. Shakes. Thunderbolt.

Stories that have pervaded the media…

Illness, natural disasters, and the trials of poverty have disturbed Muslim populations far and wide. Even amid the mercies of Ramadan, calamity looms into the lives of millions—thrusting them in a state of hopelessness. The question is: WHY?

Our soon-to-come Promo Event has the answer, Insha’Allah.

Saturday, September 18th—On this day bi’ithnillah, AlMaghrib Institute—the largest Islamic Institute in the Western world—is sending a few of their instructors and guest speakers to shed light on a commonly misunderstood topic: Quakes, shakes & thunderbolts: an Islamic perspective on calamities.

At last, the wait is over and AlMaghrib Institute is coming to Minnesota! Muslims of Banu Madinatayn, nourish your soul with beneficial knowledge and reserve your ticket today. Visit this site for order information.

Jazakum Allahu Khayr & we hope to see you there, Insha’Allah!


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