And the Videos are Up!

The much-anticipated and eagerly waited videos from our successful AlMaghrib Promo Event (Masha’Allah) are finally here!!!

For those who were with us that night, we hope these videos will revive some of the excitement, energy and absolute *EmanRush* we all had in the room, Alhamdulillah. For everyone else, please watch the videos and learn what you’ve missed out on. Yes, not all that happens at a Promo Event stays at a Promo Event–sharing truly is caring.

While the Promo is over, we commence a ‘Ilm-seeking journey on the wings of AlMaghrib Institute, Insha’Allah, with our first class just around the corner: LoveNotes, folks, coming up on Thanksgiving weekend!! (Click here for details.)

All videos are available on our Banu Madinatayn Youtube channel (here)–Enjoy!

1) Sheikh Abdulbary Yahya :: An Islamic Perspective on Calamities

Love Notes

2) Ammar Al-Shukry :: What’s AlMaghrib Institute?

 Love Notes

3) Ustadh Yusha Evans :: Deliver the Message

Love Notes

 4) Sheikh Hatem Al-Haj :: On the Path to Knowledge

Love Notes

Are you enrolled for LoveNotes yet? In a few weeks alone, registrations and payments by individuals of all ages have been submitted to us in multitudes; there are limited seats available and by the will of Allah, we’re now halfway full! What are you waiting for? This is where it’s at…

Love Notes


3 comments on “And the Videos are Up!

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  3. nessaminyatur says:

    Masha Allah all four of them were amazing speakers! May Allah reward them in this life and the next!

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