Ready to register for our first seminar?  Just follow the simple instructions below.

1.  LOG IN.  Click here (existing students, log in).

2.  SELECT SEMINARS. Select the upcoming class for Minnesota by clicking on the class marked for “MN.” There should be only one displayed for MN.

3. COMPLETE FORM. Fill out all the required information on the registration form (existing students, skip this).

4. SUBMIT INFORMATION. Click Enroll Online.

5.   PAY TUITION. When you get to the Payment Options page, you have multiple ways of paying.

  1. Pay your tuition either by credit card (recommended) or mail a check.
  2. You can also apply for or pay with an AlMaghrib IlmRush card.
  3. Price jumps up $10 two days before the seminar.

That’s it! After you’re done you will receive an Email confirmation with dates, times, and locations.

Any questions? Contact Us


Phone: (931) 996-2243


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