What Every Prospect AlMaghrib Student Should Know

Many of you have been asking about the type of classes—besides the LoveNotes seminar—AlMaghrib has to offer. This is a legitimate question, Alhamdulillah, to which we hope to answer.

Like any other Islamic Institute/University, AlMaghrib classes fall under these categories of scholarship: 

  • Tafseer: Science of Explanation & Interpretation of the Quran
  • Aqeedah: Fundamentals of Islamic Theology
  • ‘Ulum Al-Hadith: Hadith Sciences & Interpretation
  • Islamic History & Civilization
  • Seerah: In-Depth Study of the Prophet (pbuh)’s Life
  • Fiqh: Science of Islamic Jurisprudence & Legal Methodology
  • Adab: Study of Islamic Behavior & Character
  • Dawah: Lessons on Inviting Others to Allah

AlMaghrib Instructors derive their teachings from the array of authentic Islamic sources left to us by the Shuyookh Al-Islam, hafidhahum Allah. Plunging into the works of these GIANTS of Islamic history in an engaging, interactive manner, every AlMaghrib seminar is guaranteed to leave you in a permanent state of intellectual satisfaction, Insha’Allah!

Don’t wait until the class comes around; check out this complete list of AlMaghrib seminars and course descriptions for more information: AlMaghrib Seminars.

Wa Salam,
–Banu Madinatayn Volunteer Team


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