Four Degrees of Separation

With the Dar AlFarooq First Annual Convention around the corner, we couldn’t help but notice that Sheikh Saeed Rageah is one of the scheduled speakers for this event. Sheikh Saeed Rageah, a Canadian Imam originally from Somalia, is not a stranger to our community. Whether speaking at a major Islamic conference or giving the Friday khutbah at Toronto’s Abu Huraira Islamic Center, Saeed Rageah is well-known for grabbing our attention, pulling on our heart strings, making us laugh, and shed tears all within the first 15 minutes of taking the stage.

Upbeat character and vibrant lecturing style aside, Saeed Rageah has a unique connection to AlMaghrib Institute and more specifically Banu Madinatayn’s first AlMaghrib seminar, Love Notes: Marriage and Family Life. In November 2007, Saeed Rageah joined the ranks of AlMaghrib Institute’s Canadian-based instructors. Perhaps his two most popular seminars are Love Notes and Fiqh of Love. One student relates,

This class is hands down the best class I ever took in my life (and I’m talking me going to it with a temperature of over 100, and 24 inches of snow the first weekend!). The things that he taught us and the advice that he gave us is indescribable…everyone has to take this class. And the best part about this class is the stories of Rasulullah (SAW)…WOW! You couldn’t help crying and praying for a spouse like him (SAW). Don’t ever think that you wouldn’t need to know the things taught in this class because you do!

Alhamdulillah, with our first AlMaghrib seminar a few weeks away, the Muslims of Banu Madinatayn will get a chance to experience why our Canadian-Muslim brothers and sisters keep raving about this beneficial and hugely entertaining seminar.

DON’T WAIT! Reserve your tickets to Love Notes in Minneapolis today! You can register for the class by clicking here.


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