Waiting–It’s NOT an Option!

There is a misconception going around in the community about AlMaghrib seminars.  This conversation will give you a glimpse of the problem.

Brother X (to Brother Y):  So, are you taking the AlMaghrib seminar over Thanksgiving weekend?

Brother Y:  Oh yeah, I heard about it on Facebook.  Love Notes, right?

Brother X:  Yeah.  It’s going to be the BIGGEST event of the year, insha’Allah!  Have you registered yet?

Brother Y:  You know I thought about it, but I’ll be busy with _(insert excuse here)_.  I think I’ll just take the next AlMaghrib seminar.

Brother Y is not alone in his misconception about AlMaghrib seminars.  Yet the fact of the matter is: AlMaghrib seminars are a privilege NOT a guarantee!  With a student body of over 30,000 and sites in over 30 cities in North America and the United Kingdom, AlMaghrib Institute’s seminars are in very high demand!  Thus, AlMaghrib Institute cannot afford to invest in a community that does not show a serious interest in taking the seminars.  If Banu Madinatayn cannot produce a sizeable and dedicated student body, AlMaghrib Institute will move on to a different location (Boston, Albuquerque, Vancouver, Cleveland, Sacramento, Malaysia and a whole host of other cities are all vying for the same opportunity we have).  Many a location has risen in ranks, only to be demoted in status because of a lack of community interest and involvement.  We pray to Allah that He strengthens and blesses Banu Madinatayn and gives us the opportunity to continue participating in these beneficial seminars, Insha’Allah!  Yet at the same time, we must understand there is no guarantee AlMaghrib Institute will give the Muslims of Banu Madinatayn the opportunity to participate in another seminar, and thus there is no guarantee that you can wait and take the upcoming seminar.  The only way we can ensure we are again afforded this wonderful opportunity is if we GIVE OUR EXCUSES A BLACK EYE and take Love Notes with Sheikh Yaser Birjas on Thanksgiving weekend.


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