Still Confused About AlMaghrib Institute?

Let’s play some Family Feud, shall we?

We surveyed 100 people, top four answers on the board. This is what we asked:

What do you know about AlMaghrib Institute??

Player 1: Um…double weekend seminars!

Everyone: Good answer!!!!

Host: Computer, show us double weekend seminars! Yes!

Player 2: um…I don’t know…uh…long lectures?

Everyone: Good answer!!!!!!!!

Host: Ok. Computer, show us long lectures. Survey says (annoying buzz). Nice try.

Player 3: Unprepared teachers merely reading out of a book!

Everyone: Good answer! Good Answer!!!

Host: (are you kidding me?!?!) Ok. Survey says (annoying buzz). Oh! Nice try!

Player 3: Outstanding student culture!

Everyone: Good answer! Good Answer!

Host: Ok. Computer, show us outstanding student culture! (Bing Bing Bing!!!)  50 points!

Ok so maybe the contestants on the Feud come from a city where AlMaghrib Institute doesn’t offer any classes, but that should give you no excuse because Minnesota will have its first AlMaghrib seminar in less than a month (insha Allah!). Still it’s understandable to be a little confused, because let’s face it, anything new is confusing, and AlMaghrib Institute is pretty new to this town. We can spend some time explaining to you exactly what AlMaghrib Institute is, and what it has to offer, but we’ll do you a favor and have an expert do the explaining. Click on the video below, and if you still have any questions, send them in, we’ll be more than delighted to play a game of Family Feud…er…answer your questions!


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