Introducing: Banu Madinatayn’s Very Own SDEBS!

You gave us excuses, and we took them to the Banu Madinatayn’s  Super Duper Excuse Busting Squad (SDEBS)! 

Excuse #1: “Love? It’s just not my kind of topic…”

SDEBS: C’mon who doesn’t like to talk about love? In any case, if you’re really that person, then just understand this:

The Prophet (sAw) did not smile because he hated everything, [he smiled]  because of love. He loved Allah SWT, he loved the companions, he loved women and children, and he loved the people who came after him who believed in and followed his message….i.e. US. Furthermore, he was HABIBULLAH….habib comes from the root HUBB which we all know is LOVE. Also, Allah encourages people to get married, be intimate, love each other, have children, love them, teach them the religion of ISLAM – the deen of SUBMISSION to the will of Allah SWT whom we submit to because we LOVE and OBEY and believe in and LOVE his messenger, HAbibullah, Muhammad (sAw)

Excuse #2: “I always get dragged to lectures…why would I want to pay $85 do go to another one?”

SDEBS: AlMaghrib seminars aren’t lectures! Do you want an elaboration on that? Well check out this post, to see how different these seminars are.

Excuse #3: “What am I supposed to do with my kids all weekend?”

SDEBS: MOMMY SITTING! There will be a room that will have LIVE streaming of class, that way you can watch everything while still being near your kids.  You will also have a seat reserved for you in the main hall in the event you wish to switch off with someone else (ex. spouse, relative, friend) to watch the kids.

Excuse #460: “I don’t like the topic; I don’t think it’s for me. I’ve just watched so many lectures, seen and heard it all. I don’t think this will be any different.”

SDEBS: Can you compare reading a book about the Grand Canyon, to actually taking a trip to the Grand Canyon? Likewise, how can one compare watching a lecture on youtube to physically spending an entire weekend in a circle of knowledge, learning from a knowledgeable sheikh, and surrounded by your brothers and sisters in Islam? There is no comparison. It’s an experience unlike any other!

Excuse #668: “It seems the class is geared towards married couples.”

SDEBS: Yes, Love Notes: Marriage and Family Life is geared towards married couples…BUT…it is also geared towards single brothers and sisters as well. Click here to learn more about the content of the seminar.

Excuse #6.57X104: “Ok $85 for a seminar, that’s so expensive!”

SDEBS: Yes $85 dollars can be a lot of money. But do you know what else is expensive? A pair of heels for $70, a pair of Air Jordans for $120, a purse for $60, the newest version of iPhone  for over $400…

Don’t get us wrong, spend your money the way you like, but know that maybe every once in a while, it’s nice to spend some in the sake of Allah.

We ask Allah to help us get rid of our excuses, to purify our hearts, and to be pleased with what we do for His sake.

Got more excuses? Banu Madinatayn’s Super Duper Excuse Busting Squad loves to bust some excuses! Send them in, email us at


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