Recorders Off, Please!

Banu Madinatayn’s Super Duper Excuse Busting Squad® had its hands full these past few weeks collecting and shattering people’s excuses for NOT attending Love Notes: Marriage and Family Life.  The excuse this sister gave was so important; we prepared an official response like no other! 

Sister X:  So, have you registered for Love Notes yet?

Sister Z:  I wish I could, but I have to work that weekend(Excuse # 6,374) I’m not worried though, because my friend is going to record the seminar for me!

AlMaghrib Institute has a strict policy that prohibits the recording and distribution of its seminars by a third party.  Therefore, having a friend or relative record the seminar so you can listen or watch it later on is NOT an option!  Some have asked, is it possible to record the seminar for the sole purpose of revising one’s notes or transcribing the information for study purposes?  Here’s an official response by AlMaghrib Institute’s founder, Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef:

There are many issues related to recording the lectures, it’s not as simple as just copyright rules. It’s been studied extensively with everyone’s best interest in mind (included the individual who wants to record) and concluded that recordings will only be done by AlMaghrib.

I’ll give you an example of how it benefits you: You say you are a slow note taker … but … what is the solution? Is recording lectures going to improve your skill or weaken it? I feel that you may have had teachers in the past that let you record, thinking they were being kind to you, but they may have actually weakened you.  In sha Allah, we won’t do that to you.

It’s time you stopped waiting around for a boot-legged version of Love Notes to mysteriously appear on your doorsteps.  Capitalize on the opportunity to be in a blessed circle of Islamic knowledge for an entire weekend to learn about something that will benefit you in this life and the next, insha’Allah!


One comment on “Recorders Off, Please!

  1. Brighteststar4life says:

    Asalam alaykum warhmatullahe wabarakatu, I took Love Notes this weekend and that was the best weekend ever!
    We have been made a Qabeela and InshAllah i hope that we can keep that title forever! If you have not taken any of the Al maghrib classes you are missing out!!!!!

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