Top 9 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend Free Friday!

Our accomplished SDEBS (Super-Duper-Excuse-Busting-Squad) put together a list of NINE REASONS why YOU should attend FREE Friday for the upcoming Love Notes seminar. No excuses, folks. You’ve been invited and now the SDEBS is on your case.

So we begin…

1. Um, because it’s FREE, duh!

2. Because it’s gonna be a historic event (Insha’Allah) and you can NOT miss out!

3. Because Friday Free Night will be held at the Alumni Center–Can a venue ever be more (Masha’Allah) beautiful?! It’s the ALUMNI CENTER (check it out)!

4. Because we’re so kind (Masha’Allah), we decided to give the procrastinators another chance…

5. Because deep inside, we know you’d LOVE to take part in this blessed gathering–the angels encircling you, tranquility descending upon you and peace enveloping you. Would you trade that experience for anything?

6. Because you either attend FREE Friday or you spend Friday night all alone…

7. Because you would like to get married one day–the HALAL way, yeah?

8. Because in a battle between “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” and Sheikh Yaser Birjas, our AlMaghrib Institute instructor would most-definitely DESTROY!

9. Again, because Minnesota winters are BEYOND boring, and because it’s Friday Free Night. ‘Nuff said.

See you there, Insha’Allah?

We’ll be waiting…


One comment on “Top 9 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend Free Friday!

  1. Abrara says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahhaa..ok convinced.. ill be there inshallah…after I do my black friday shopping haha

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