Top 9 Things YOU Missed Out…

There are some events that you should NEVER miss because they are life-changing and they don’t come often:  Love Notes with Sheikh Yaser Birjas is one of those events.  For those who attended the seminar, make sure to thank Allah for this wonderful opportunity.  Indeed, the Prophet (pbuh) said, “Whoever Allah wishes good for, He grants that person Fiqh (understading) of the Deen”  (Bukhari & Muslim).  Allah blessed us with a wonderful opportunity to learn about His Deen, Walhamdulillah!  For those who did NOT attend, here’s what YOU missed out on:

9. Beautiful Venue Friday Night–Some AlMaghrib seminars are offered in castles, others in hotels, others still in college auditoriums.  FREE Friday Night was held in the beautiful McNamara Alumni Center.  Masha’Allah, more than 350 Muslims gathered to learn about the meaning and spirit of LOVE in Islam.  As Sheikh Yaser Birjas mentioned, humans are naturally drawn to beautiful things because humans equate beauty with perfection.  Both the topic and the building were beautiful, indeed fascinating spectacles! 

8. Spending over 20 hours with AMAZING people–20 hours is A LOT of time, no joke.  But imagine spending this time in the company of your fellow students of knowledge–all enthusiastic about learning the Deen of Islam.  The students, perhaps strangers before, suddenly became accustomed to one another; They did not hesitate to share their thoughts, ideas and notes with one another.  Even during our breaks, the students were enjoying each others company–asking questions, discussing the course material, and just having a good time.  It is true then, that knowledge is a kinship between its people.  AlMaghrib Institute has developed, and insha’Allah will continue to develop, the bonds based on knowledge within our community! 

7. The hours of laughter with the FUNNIEST stories–Funny stories indeed! Relating one would just be a waste, becuase you honestly had to be there.  One thing is for certain, ‘constant laughter’ should be included in Love Notes’ seminar description!

6. Spending 19 hours with Sheikh Yaser Birjas–The students can’t stop raving about Sheikh Yaser Birjas’ teaching style.  Masha’Allah he was very informative, engaging, understanding and witty.  Even as Sheikh Yaser was recovering from a cold (he blames this on MN’s oh-so-wonderful weather!), he still managed to deliver with confidence and energy a beautiful and moving seminar.  You would think students would become tired of listening to an instructor for that long.  However, you couldn’t be more mistaken in that assumption.  Sheikh Yaser’s charisma and style made the time pass by so fast (perhaps a little too fast, some would argue).  Even during our breaks, the sisters and brothers gathered around the Sheikh to ask him questions, and he gave the students the answers and attention they deserved.  May Allah reward Sheikh Yaser immensely for the wonderful gift he gave us, Love Notes.

5. A BEAUTIFUL look at the life of Prophet (pbuh)–In the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) we have an example like no other!  Sheikh Yaser related many beautiful stories that show how kind, playful and loving our Prophet was to his family.  He (pbuh) was the ideal family man, in service of his family and never afraid to show, through words and actions, his love for his wives.  This part of thes seminar captivated the students’ attention and pulled at our heart strings.  It was for certain an emotional rollercoaster–complete with ‘awes’ and tears from the students

4. Sheikh Yaser Birjas adding 2 more hours to the seminar–There was so much more to talk about, the Sheikh refused to cut the seminar short.  He was kind enough to add on a couple of extra sessions.  You’d think 17 hours of class was enough–NOT for the Sheikh, and definitely NOT for the students! When he said he would need one more session, the entire class sighed with relief.  No one wanted it to end.  In fact one brother commented, this seminar was too short–it should have lasted two weekends instead of just one!

3. “Abundance of BOYS, Lack of MEN”–In a class activity about the reasons Muslims delay marriage, Sheikh Yaser asked sisters and brothers to split up into groups and come up with 5 Reasons Muslims Delay Marriage.  One group’s top reason was, “Abundance of BOYS, Lack of MEN.”  This comment had the entire class (including the Sheikh) roaring in laughter for some time.  The sisters even gave this comment a loud round of applause.  The brothers refused to let this personal ‘insult’ go unanswered–they categorized this reason as “an unrealistic expectation.”  These student-generated statements shed much needed light on the role of gender expectations/preferences in the marriage process.  This topic was one of the most fascinating parts of the seminar–it really kept everyone talking!

2. And Minnesota’s second seminar is–Our volunteers were becoming the target of interrogation by knowledge-thirsty students; everyone was dying to find out what seminar will be coming next to Minnesota! An hour after lunch, the Ameer put up the powerpoint, and everyone saw a picture of Sheikh Yasir Qadhi.  The Light of Guidance: Fundamentals of Faith 101 is coming to Minnesota the first two weeks of February, insha Allah! Subhan Allah, the only thing that eased the ending of the class for students was knowing Sheikh Yasir Qadhi will be spending TWO weekends in freezing cold Minnesota! Insha Allah it’s going to be BIG! Best part of this surprise: Sheikh Yasir recorded a special shout out – just for us! Alhamdulillah, could it get any better!

1. Banu Madinatayn got upgraded to Qabeelat Madinatayn–This came as a shock to everyone. Even the Ameer and the Ameerah had no idea of the suprise! Ammar AlShukry sent a message an hour before the seminar finished. It read: “Congratulations, you guys got qabeelah status!” We had Sheikh Yaser announce it to the class, which rendered a loud Allahu Akbar…because really, there is no other way to express such great excitement. Subhan Allah! Walhamdulillah! Wallahu Akbar!


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