Facebook is abuzzing with chatter about the recent Love Notes seminar with Sheikh Yaser Birjas.  What are they saying?  Just take a read; they’re under 100 characters!

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-Love Notes is blowing me away. Jazak Allah Khair Sh. Yasir Birjas for all of the priceless knowledge :)

-I’m so sad that Love Notes is over. I can’t wait until the next Al-Maghrib event!

-is officially Al Maghribized! Can’t wait till class tomorrow!

-Laughter, reality check and astonishing moments we shared in three days with so many amazing gals and guys. May allah reward the sheikh, and also for the Banu Madinatayn may allah ease our way to become a qabeelah amongst the many Almaghrib qabeelah.

-Wallahi Love Notes is by far the BEST class i have EVER taken, i really wish others could have taken it as well, and i cant believe it’s over! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE LIGHT OF GUIDANCE COMING THIS FEBRUARY INSHALLAH!!!!!!!!!

-Guess who has a HUGE GIGANTIC LARGE FANTASTIC emanrush??? Alhamdulullah that class was beyond amazing! To all my friends that were in the class: You now have a special place in my heart, for being apart of such a historical weekend…May Allah reunite us all in Jennat AlFirdaws…

-taking love notes was probably the best decision i made this year. May Allah SWT reward Sheikh Yaser Birjas for this amazing gift he gave us. What an amazing and knowledgeable man mashallah

-alhamdulillah for all of the volunteers and sheikh yaser…don’t know how to express my admiration/appreciation for your hard work this weekend other than duas isA. jazakum Allah khair.

-dude, no lie. i am officially ADDICTED. i want to be a part of al maghrib in EVERY shape or form, volunteering and EVERYTHING! i kid you not. i’m sold.

-it was amazing! and this is coming from the girl who cant STAND sitting through 50 minute lectures. those 9 hours flew by today!!!!  I’m glad I listened and agreed to take the class!!!

-Al-Maghrib is awesome!

-I think we can all agree that Love Notes gave us ALL an EmanRush! Masha’Allah, Sheikh Yaser Birjas was AMAZING…period! I don’t know if I ever laughed AND learned so much in one weekend! Jazaka Allahu khayr for everyone who made this event possible! You guys ROCK!

-last and final day of AlMaghrib with shaikh Yaser :( you guys really don’t know what you missed (especially the last 30 mins… LOL)!! Light of Guidance with Yaser Qadhi will insha’Allah be our next class in February!!!

What chatter have you been hearing about AlMaghrib on social networking sites?  Send it in!


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