In Words & Pictures–Remembering Love Notes

There is a layer of warmth in Minnesota’s icy air.  Love Notes: Marriage and Family Life with Sheikh Yaser Birjas has left quite the impression on the 180 students that attended the seminar Thanksgiving weekend.  Amid the copious note-taking and intense discussions of class content, the students were amazed at how much fun they were having in this seminar.  After all, isn’t LEARNING the antithesis of FUN?  The students who attended Love Notes would beg to differ!

Coined “one of the most interactive, informative, dynamic, interesting and captivating classes  ever,” the seminar left its mark on the young and old, the single and married, the residents and travelers, the sisters and brothers.   One mother said, “I wish I had attended this course 10 years ago! This can strengthen your marriage, clear many misconceptions and make you a better spouse.”  High school and college aged students, coming straight from midterms and exams, were more than happy to sacrifice their precious vacation days and sit once again in a classroom auditorium.  One sister was so excited, “masha’allah , I fell in love with the class and I am so sad that it has come to an end. Alhamdulillah I learned a lot and Insha’allah hope to use it once I am married!”  Even the travelers felt this time was well spent.  “What is grossly lacking in society today is an understanding of how the Quran and Sunnah play a crucial role in familial happiness. I traveled six hours seeking guidance on how to pursue halal relations with the opposite gender and left with an urgency to share with my community the beauty and benefits of love in Islam,” noted one brother.  Click here to read more testimonials!

Some memories are best cherished in pictures.  If you didn’t get a chance to attend Love Notes or if you were too busy taking notes during the seminar, we got you covered.  Check out Love Notes in pictures!


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