Tuition Getting to You? No Worries–We’ve Got You Covered!

Digging through your pockets to find $165 for the next Light of Guidance seminar?

We’re not all sitting on banks, and just as we fish around for seasonal sales at the mall, we also have the right to seek discounts as the next AlMaghrib class comes around.

Maybe you’re the average “parent-reliant” college student living off last year’s Eid money; or maybe the minimum wage you’re earning at a local coffee shop hasn’t been boosting your savings; or maybe—especially in the midst of Minnesota’s economic crisis—you’re just looking to shave a few bucks off your next class payment. Whatever it is, in AlMaghrib Institute, each Qabeelah is responsible for providing its students with the means of paying for class tuition. Rejoice–because in this upcoming AlMaghrib seminar, Qabeelat Madinatayn has opened up four possible finance options. Among them are the Power of Ten, Qardh Hasan, Free-Tuition-for-Hufadh, and Scholarships/Financial Aid. For full details and conditions, visit our new finance page here.


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