Light of Guidance–Ask the Students

You’ve heard about the hundreds–perhaps thousands–of faceless AlMaghrib students that have sung praises about Sh. Yasir Qadhi’s Light of Guidance. They’ve talked with excitement to their families and friends, and raved endlessly about the seminar on the AlMaghrib forums.

Today, we will give these students a voice. They have experienced what everyone considers, “AlMaghrib Institute’s MOST POWERFUL seminar” and this is what they had to say:

Subhan’Allah. Al-hamdulillah. Masha’Allah.  This class has changed my being. I’ve not only gone from agnosticism to fully accepting Islam as the utter undeniable Truth, but from being imprisoned by several emotional and mental instabilities to feeling completely free of them. Also, this effect on my well-being has translated into positive nature and goodwill to things I’ve taken for granted for so long. It has instilled patience in me. The notes provided and my interest in the class has improved my overall note-taking and organization skills.

I finally can see and have found purpose in my life. Through Allah’s Will (SWT), may I fulfill my newfound goal and dream to becoming a better Muslim. I will do my best to fulfill my duty as a Muslim through my newfound love of Allah and his Word and his Messenger (Muhammed PBUH) as well as my personal obligation to return the goodwill granted to me by this class and Br. Yasir Qadhi’s knowledge and obvious passion.  I would also like to state my gratitude for all those who organized this and made it happen.  May Allah bless us all and grant us wisdom and unity.

-Hassan ibn Sameh Suboh

“I don’t think words can ever do justice to this seminar. It was simply the best and the most beneficial seminar ever taught! May Allaah subhanahu wa taala reward the teacher and everyone else who made this possible.”

– Voyageur, Toronto

“This class really opened my eyes up. Out of all the classes I have taken with AlMaghrib, I really loved this class the most and it was the one that encourage me to take more AlMaghrib classes and I will always appreciate the info I learned in this class!”

– Simi

“Just to make it real short, I was so moved in the class that I couldn’t control my tears.”

– Uzmaamin

“I love Yasir Qadhi’s presentation. Everything was made clear and precise. Never before had I been taught tawheed in such a detailed and engaging way. All the points were backed up by either Quran or hadith, and Yasir Qadhi even told us to ask him where he got the proofs if he didn’t mention it.”

– UmmSakina, Columbus

“This class is just as the name says: Light of Guidance. I learned that you can never know enough about Aqeedah, and that the more you go over it the stronger you become. It increased the standard I was aiming for, and I wanted to try harder, and be better. If this class is coming to your town make dua to Allah to take you to the class, don’t miss it. My heart flies with two wings, after the class you can see the before and after in everything I do.”

– Suad, Canada

“After the class, I realized how heavy our kalimah really is…It’s more than just a statement, it’s our declaration of faith and it’s the base of our deen. Everything I learned, from tawheed ar-ruboobiyyah to the infamous jinns, had a profound effect on me. It made me see how easy it is to fall into shirk and how we need to safeguard ourselves from shirk by seeking knowledge. Masha’allah, Shaykh Yasir is truly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. His speaking skills, his articulation, and his overall style of teaching kept me captivated throughout the entire two weekends. “

– Muslimballer123, California

“This was my ultimate favourite class. Shaykh taught us the right our Creator has over us. How to properly worship Him. It’s the most beautiful and important knowledge someone can pass on to another. Oh, and masha-Allah the teacher is just too awesome, ask anyone. “

– amatiRaheem, Ottawa, ON

“This is hands-down the most amazing exciting crucial and knowledge-packed class I have ever taken! EVERYONE should take this class. You learn so much from this class and you reach a totally new level of understanding in your religion. As with other al-maghrib instructors, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi will make it impossible for you to be bored for even a nanosecond! “

– Al-Atharee, Toronto, ON

“Why Light of Guidance you ask? Because it shows you the beauty of Al Islaam, the bounties of Ar-Rahmaan, the dangers of shirk and bid’aah, and ultimately the path to Al Jannah. You are immersed in an environment of ‘ilm, surrounded by others who are reaping the benefits. As for what follows, it is implementation of what has been learned, insightful discussions with fellow classmates, and an air of happiness and bliss. “

– Bintamani, USA

“This class changed my life. I think it’s a must for most of us here. I’d recommend bringing non-Muslims even. The class fleshes out and powerful defines point for point the basics of Tawheed and our ‘Aqeedah. This is the foundation of our entire deen and the best means of calling to the non-Muslims. “

– Fearhopelove, M-town

“Everything the Shaykh said in this class had meaning…Not a moment was wasted. It is so basic yet very misunderstood concept. Tawheed Your understanding of this concept can mean the difference between heaven and hell. “

– Um Tammer, Memphis 

“The only way to know what this class is like is to take it…It is sooo amazing, you will never regret it for one second.”

– Nihaad, New Jersey


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