AlMaghrib Seminars: Rated E for Everyone

Here’s a question worth reflection: At what point did Islamic Education become relegated to a specific age group?   From the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we are presented with a myriad of examples of Companions, men and women of all ages sitting under the same circles of knowledge in order to learn about our amazing Deen.  No one was too young or too old to seek Islamic knowledge, because as Prophet Muhammad so simply stated, “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim” (Al-Tarmidhi).  Shying away from seeking Islamic knowledge was inconceivable for the companions and righteous followers–excuses were out of the question!

Indeed, it is very uplifting to see among the Youth of our community a passionate thirst and curiosity for learning about about the fundamentals of this beautiful religion.  At the same time, we demand the same from the teens, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents of this community.  At what point did you give up your thirst for knowledge and settle for less?

AlMaghrib seminars provide an excellent environment that benefits Muslims of all ages.  In fact, it is this ‘mixed’ and diverse crowd that makes the experience so memorable and so enjoyable!  A couple months ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend an AlMaghrib seminar in Chicago’s Qabeelat Wasat.  Students as young as 12 years and as old as 65 years were for hours captivated by the GEM-packed lessons from Surat Yusuf, listening attentively and taking copious notes.  As a first-time AlMaghrib student, I was a bit surpised when the Ameerah of Qabeelat Wasat introduced me to her mother, her aunt and informed me that her brother and father were also taking the seminar.  Likewise, it was a delight talking with Auntie Umm-Saqib (the Ameer’s mother) and asking about her AlMaghrib experiences.

But this trend is not specific to the students of Chi-Town; visit the Student Forums and you will find countless testimonials from students of all ages who can attest to the impact of these beneficial seminars.  If you don’t feel like venturing out of the realm of your city, track down one of the fortunate 180 students, young and old(er) who attend Love Notes with Sheikh Yaser Birjas and they will relate to you similar experiences.  How many a student was overhead saying, “if only my (son, daughter, mother, father, nephew, niece, friend, co-worker, Fajr-buddy) could have attended the seminar; they would’ve learned so much AND they would’ve loved it!”

Our next seminar is undoubtedly the MOST crucial and powerful seminar AlMaghrib Institute has to offer!  Ask yourself, are you too old or too young to learn about the meaning of Tawheed, the conditions ‘La Illaha Illallah,’ the definition of Worship, the dangers of Shirk, the power of Du’a?  This seminar will cover the fundamentals of your Iman, the foundations of your belief in Allah (swt).  After teaching this seminar in over 30 cities in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi constantly receives requests from students to re-teach the seminar so the new students can also benefit from the topic.  The reality is, this opportunity will come once, and perhaps it will never come again.  If Shaitan is to generate for you any excuse for not attending this seminar, let not this excuse be about age.

If any conclusion can be reached about the ‘AlMaghrib Experience,’ it is that these seminars are Rated E for Everyone!  So bring your son, niece, uncle, mother and grandfather and join us this February for the Light of Guidance: Fundamentals of Faith 101 with Sheikh Yasir Qadhi!  Insha’Allah, you will NOT regret it!


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