Light of Guidance Selling Out Fast!

As the seminar date approaches and the demand increases, seats for Light of Guidance are SELLING OUT fast… really fast. Like its predecessor Love Notes, it appears Light of Guidance will SELL OUT before the seminar start date (February 4th). For those of you who are waiting for the day before (or perhaps hour before) to register and pay for the seminar, we urge you to reconsider. Only those who registered and paid for the seminar are reserved a seat in the class; all other ‘potential’ students are just that…potential students.

Why risk seeing a sign like this…

… if you can reserve your seat NOW!

During the last seminar, many students opted to wait last minute to pay for the seminar only to find out it was too late! Amidst long lines and an even larger crowd, do you really want to be part of the group that is begging and hustling for a seat in the seminar?

No personal contact, connection or amount of money will be able to get you clearance into the seminar. There is a window of opportunity, and it is closing right in front of your eyes.


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