Connect, Disconnect, Reconnect…on Facebook

It was not too long ago when the effort to “Bring AlMaghrib to Minnesota” ruled the homepages and news feeds of Facebook users.  You heard about our weekly meetings, LIKE’d our colorful fliers and visited our booths at local Muslim conventions.  With Allah’s blessings and the support of our community, the effort to ‘Bring AlMaghrib Institute to Minnesota’ was recognized by AlMaghrib Institute HQ as a force to reckon with.  The ‘effort’ materialized into more tangent results as Minnesota became ‘Banu Madinatayn,’ roughly translated as the Clan of Two Cities.  For the past few months, Banu Madinatayn’s Facebook fanpage kept you updated about everything and anything related to AlMaghrib Institute and Minnesota.  Status updates, helpful reminders, unofficial surveys, beneficial videos, Quranic verses, and Prophetic sayings have splashed and sparkled your Facebook world.

Yet 2 months ago,  Minnesota’s status in the AlMaghrib world changed…again!

It was during the last day of Minnesota’s first AlMaghrib seminar, Love Notes, that Sheikh Yaser Birjas announced to a crowded auditorium that Banu Madinatayn has been promoted to Qabeelat Madinatayn.  With the advent of a new title (and insha’Allah a great legacy), the students of the Qabeelat Madinatayn have called for the creation of a new Facebook fanpage that better represents the status of this evolving student body.  Alhamdulillah, Qabeelat Madinatayn is proud to announce its NEW official Facebook Fanpage.

May this be one of many tools to help  create a positive social network that connects Muslims from different communities, strengthen bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood within the Muslim Ummah, and disseminate and strengthen the legacy of Islamic knowledge in Minnesota and the rest of the World.  May Allah bless our efforts, and keep us firm on His path.  Ameen!

Now go ahead and press the ‘LIKE‘ button!


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