Q. Madinatayn’s Breaking News!!!

Note on Ticket Sales, Procrastination & an “I Told You So” Moment

Breaking News: Qabeelat Madinatayn’s Light of Guidance is…*Drum Roll*…(Assuming the flamboyant photo hasn’t already caught your attention)…


Yes, Alhamdulillah, we are sold out! Didn’t think our (Masha’Allah Tabarak’Allah) amazing volunteers and unparalleled marketing strategies would have our second AlMaghrib class sell out? Think again. Not more than a few hours ago, news reached us that LoG registration has reached its capacity, with STILL MORE hoping to squeeze their way in. Could we say, “We told you so?”

But wait–read on for more…

If you are (1) registered but not paid, (2) hoping to register sometime soon or (3) waiting until “Friday Free” to make your decision, please note that all hope is NOT lost! Our team is placing all additional registrations on a waiting list, pending approval (read: you can still register!). You will be informed of your position in the class as the seminar draws close Insha’Allah. Let it be known, though, that for these applicants–the procrastinators who refused to take heed of our many warnings–their chances totter on the brink of denial (or acceptance), as no guarantee can be made.

Optimist or no optimist, remember that we are OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT and that we have our “Waiting List” system in case fate takes a more hopeful course.

Only one thing is certain: lessons will be learned on both sides of the equation. For those that played it smart, securing their seat when opportunity called, two weekends of ‘Ilm-dense fun awaits for them, Insha’Allah. And for those that gave in to excuses and procrastination, you’ll need to step up your game  next time around; because when AlMaghrib comes to town, you’re either there…Or your not.

Let’s not be the latter, yeah?


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