Great News–Larger Venue for Light of Guidance!

We know…You really wanted to take Light of Guidance: Fundamentals of Faith with Sheikh Yasir Qadhi.  You cleared up your work schedule, found someone to babysit your kids, cashed in your paycheck, and typed up your college essay two weeks before it’s due date. 

You made your arrangments because you did NOT want to miss out on the opportunity to spend two weekends learning about your Creator, the meaning of La Ilaha Illallah, the importance of Tawheed, the dangers of Shirk, the definition of worship and much much more.  Yet you were not the only one!  Scores of Minnesota Muslims rushed to reserve their seats for Light of Guidance, and earlier this week the number of registrants reached the maximum capacity of the venue…

However, we received tons of emails and phone calls from students like yourself who missed the window of opportunity by just a few days (or perhaps even a few hours!), asking for another chance to register for the seminar.  Thursday’s Light of Guidance ‘Sneak Peek,’ a LIVE ilminar with Sheikh Yasir about the role of the Fitrah in leading us to Islam, further captured the attention of interested students.  If only there was another chance to register, another window of opporutnity…


DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, we are happy to announce that Qabeelat Madinatayn has moved the seminar to a LARGER venue to accomodate more students.  Seats are once again available for those students interested in attending the seminar.  So spread the word–tell your friends, tell your family members, tell your classmates, tell your co-workers, tell your carpool buddies.  Light of Guidance is coming to Minnesota, and they CAN’T affford to miss out!

There’s NO time for hesitating!  Prices go up to $179 starting next week.  Reserve your seat NOW!


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