One Weekend, Two Instructors

Alhamdulillah, the Muslims of Minnesota will have the opportunity to benefit from 2 AlMaghrib instructors this weekend.  Insha’Allah, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Sheikh Said Rageah will be spending the upcoming weekend in our oh-so-wonderful state!

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi is coming to Minnesota to teach his reknown AlMaghrib seminar, Light of Guidance: Fundamentals of Faith 101.  Starting Friday (February 4th) afternoon, Sheikh Yasir will offer the Jum’ah Khutbah to a packed congregation at Masjid Dar Al-Farooq at 1:00 pm.  If you can’t catch Sheikh Yasir for the Jum’ah Khutbah, be sure to stop by at the University of Minnesota’s Willey Hall for the Light of Guidance Open House (6-9 pm) for a SPECIAL session about the Meaning of La ilaha Illallah.  Even if you’re not one of the +250 students that have enrolled in the Light of Guidance seminar, we would LOVE for you to join us for FREE Friday Night.  It’s Friday Night, and it’s FREE!

Sheikh Said Rageah, another AlMaghrib instructor who teaches seminars in Canada and the UK on the topics of Hadith and Islamic Fiqh, will be coming to Minnesota this weekend to raise awareness and funds for various health care issues within the Somali community.  Insha’Allah, Sheikh Said will start the weekend by giving the Jum’ah Khutbah at the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center at 12:30 pm.  On Saturday (February 5th), Sheikh Said will be a guest speaker at the American Somali Health Care Foundation’s “Restoring Hope for Somali Children” at Washburn High School in Mineapolis.  He will take part in a similar event hosted by the same organization on Sunday (February 6th) at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester.  Masha’Allah, great speakers and an even greater cause!

There you have it–two AlMaghrib Instructors coming to a city near you THIS weekend, insha’Allah! 

Will you take the time to benefit from their presence?


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