Recap: Free Friday Night

Alhamdulillah, FREE Friday Night for Light of Guidance was a HUGE success!  Muslims of young and old from all around the Twin Cities gathered Friday Night for a Light of Guidance ‘sneak peek’ by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi as he discussed the importance of seeking Islamic knowledge and studying about our Creed.  About 500 Muslims filled the spacious auditorium at the University of Minnesota’s Willey Hall.

Masha’Allah TabarakAllah, we had about 260 paid students attend the 1st weekend of Light of Guidance.  Alhamdulillah, their feedback about the seminar was overwhelmingly positive, and these students have expressed excitement for the upcoming weekend. With laptops, notebooks and pens in hand, students took copious notes, asked inquisitive questions, and engaged in class discussions.  Like the students from the previous seminar, it appears these students are ‘hooked-on-‘ilm‘ and they are very happy (and thankful) they took the time to attend the seminar!  One common sentiment among these students is: Why didn’t MORE people take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in the seminar? Our students are enjoying the experience SO much, they only wish their friends and family members could attend!  Check out some pictures from this weekend.

Light of Guidance, Saturday Session

Sheikh Yasir explaining why “Du’a is the ESSENCE of Worship”

Stay tuned for more pictures, testimonials and commentaries about the seminar, insha’Allah! Jazakum Allahy khayr for everyone who took the time to attend this event; your continued support and thirst for Islamic knowledge helps keep this effort strong!


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