Why Take the Light of Guidance Exam?

Dear Qabeelat Madinatayn Student,

The Light of Guidance exam is coming up fast! Are you ready for it?

Some of you are probably ignoring this reminder with a shrug, while the rest probably forgot there even was an exam; after all, it’s been 3 weeks since we last sat together in Willey 125, rows filled to their utmost capacity, laughing and smiling collectively as Sheikh YQ relayed to us the exquisite GEMs that make up the fundamentals of our faith.

After 5 days of intensive learning, isn’t it time to test your knowledge of Iman, Tawheed, ‘Ibaadah, Shirk and Kufr? Below are 9 reasons why YOU should partake in the Light of Guidance exam this Sunday, March 13nd Insha’Allah.

1. Because the exam is Fard. In AlMaghrib lingo, that is.

2. Because you invested $165 and 5 full days of your life to learn the topic of Tawheed (and its arch-nemesis, Shirk), , so why not gain the AlMaghrib Institute credit by passing the exam?

3. Because the challenge of the exam truly maximizes the benefit you attain from the seminar, helping you retain the knowledge that you’ve acquired.

4. Because AlMaghrib Institute is working on becoming an accredited Islamic Institution; if you’re interested in specializing in Islamic Scholarship (i.e Fiqh, Hadith, Islamic History, Seerah, Tafsir, etc.), gaining the college credit now will add to your degree program, Bi’ithnillah.

5. Because the Q. Madinatayn student body has left of mark of excellence numerous times in the past; by excelling in the exam, you’re contributing to the height and glory of our Qabeelah by demonstrating your dedication, Insha’Allah.

6. Because our status as a Qabeelah—the classes we’re offered in the future, the instructors that teach in our state, our precedence in hosting nationwide AlMaghrib events, and our chance to win the much-coveted AlMaghrib Institute Liwaa’ (Top Qabeelah Award)—is partially dependent on our test scores. Among the thirty other Qabaa’il around the world, would you want to be chosen for the highly-demanded seminars?!

7. Because this Qabeelah is your family, and the only thing that binds us all together is the knowledge we’ve gained fi sabeelillah (for the sake of Allah). Let our exam grades demonstrate that knowledge.

8.  Because Q Madinatayn’s Master Note Takers have got your back!  We’ve compiled the best student notes for you to study from (yeah, we’re that nice :p).  Check them out here.

9.  Because the student(s) with the TOP 2 SCORES on the Exam gets to take the NEXT seminar for FREE! Can it get better than that?  Also, students scoring 90% or higher will get an honorary mention at our next seminar, insha’Allah!

We shy from final exams, midterm papers, and classroom speeches; however, this Light of Guidance exam promises to offer its benefits in this life and the next.

So this is it: Sunday, March 13th is our Light of Guidance Exam, Insha’Allah. Study hard, make dua’a and have Tawakkul in Allah–and don’t forget folks, we’re all in this together…

Wa Jazakum Allahu Khayr,
Q. Madinatayn Volunteer


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