Bake Away, M’Friends, Bake Away

Assalamu Alaykum Everyone!

This message is to invite any who are interested in a healthy dose of friendly competition to enter QMadinatayn’s 1st ever Cupcake Competition that will take place during our upcoming seminar, Divine Link  (SundayMay 15th, 2011).  Show off those great baking skills and help a great cause! Any proceeds made during the bake sale will go towards supporting Qabeelat Madinatayn, including financial aid for students hoping to enroll in our upcoming seminars.

Entry at Qabeelat Majd (Toronto) "Pure Paisa" Cupcake Competition

Competition Guidelines:

– All participants must be registered students of Divine Link
– Max of 2 people per team
– All members must be of same gender or part of one family


-Must contain 100% halal ingredients
-Must be homemade ( not purchased)
– Must be edible
– Minimum of a dozen cupcakes

-To signup for this competition, email sr Kimiya (
-Deadline–you must be registered by May 6th and
the physical cupcake must be there on Sunday May 15th before class starts

A prize will be awarded to whoever delivers the most revenue at the bake sale table :)

If for whatever reason you really cannot participate in the competition itself, then you can help out by coming ready to satisfy that sweet tooth, and sample our tasty spread with a bit of pocket change.

Thanks and Jazakum Allahu khayran!


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