Avoiding the AlMaghrib-Shock: What to Expect From Fiqh of Salah

Engaging the mind, nourishing the soul five times a day as limbs move blithely to prostration; an expression of servitude to He who created you—that is the prayer of our faith. Have you learned to perfect it?

The weekend of Minnesota’s THIRD AlMaghrib seminar is approaching and scores of ‘ilm-thirsty students are rushing to reserve their seats. The reason is obvious: they are Muslims investing in their Salah.

We have been taught that prayer, one of the five essential building blocks of Islam, is an act where the spiritual, humble impulses of the heart easily take root and flourish. But what is common now is treating Salah as a burden, and like another item on our to do lists, we finish it quickly before checking it off for good.

“It is the tragedy of our times,” one AlMaghribite said. “We find ourselves praying, but not praying.”

Is that the only Salah dilemma? Hardly. Because this class falls under Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), the knowledge provided delves into specific rulings, descriptions, madhahib (schools of thought), the various forms of prayer—Eid, voluntary, Shaf’i Wal-Witr, Istikharah, Janaazah (funeral)—and their purposes. Let’s be honest: can you count how many times your friends debated about the proper position of sujood?!

Fear no more because Divine Link: Fiqh of Salah with Sheikh Yaser Birjas is coming to enlighten you. In this course, Insha’Allah, you will…

Develop the skills to focus and fix mistakes during Salah
…and finally gain the confidence to pray without confusion or worry!

Feel the benefits of a heart that is attached to the worship of Allah
…and escape to the tranquility of prayer, a minimum of 5 times a day!

Reflect on Seerah stories, Quranic verses and Hadith about the importance of Salah
…and laugh your heart out with one of our favorite AlMaghrib instructors, Sheikh Yaser Birjas!

Understand the difference of opinions regarding how to perform prayer
…and finally put an end to the endless argumentation!

Learn the meaning and wisdom behind the motions and supplications in Salah
…and realize why Muslims don’t need yoga!

And lastly, you will gain the necessary elements to perfecting your divine link with Allah, subhanahu wa-ta’aala
…and forever appreciate having taken Fiqh of Salah!

Need I say more?

Link Up With Allah. Enroll Now!


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