Price Drop on AlMaghrib Classes!!

In an effort to make its world renowned Islamic seminars, masha’allah, available and accessible to even more people, AlMaghrib Institute has moved to a new standard low price format for its double weekend seminars, insha’allah.

In the past, AlMaghrib has provided many different offers and discounts, the most popular and cost effective of them being the “Power of 10” that provided a significant discount to groups of 10 students that registered and paid together.

Alhamdulillah, AlMaghrib is now making the Power of 10 price of $145 available to ALL individual students, insha’allah, no groups required!!

So instead of paying the previous standard price of $169, as long as students register and pay two days before the class, they can now pay just $145 , insha’allah!

For information about the upcoming Divine Link: Fiqh of Salah seminar  please check out where you can also register and pay for the class using the new low price, insha’allah.

NOTE: In their quest to make Islamic education as accessible as possible, AlMaghrib will still continue to provide Scholarships and Financial Aid, to assist students who may still not be able to afford the new reduced cost of the classes. For more details about these programs, please click here.


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