Ya Jama’ah, Let’s Blow This Exam Outta The Water!

Assalaamu Alaykum My Fellow Madinatayners!

You probably already know this from the countless emails our beloved Ameer and Ameerah send out, but the test for Divine Link is June 17th. Wait, did you say June 19th? That is less than 24 hours away!! At this point you might be thinking, OH MY GOD!! There is a test!! I can’t possibly do well!! Why would I take the test if I don’t think I can pass?? Read on, because I have the answers.

Yes, there is a test for Divine Link. If this is your first class and you might’ve drifted off at some points, you might have missed the announcement that there are actually exams for Al-Maghrib classes. Why have exams for Islamic Studies? Well, I would respond to you with this: in Calculus III, everything seems easy and simple in class but you don’t really know the information at that point. You think you know it but if you walked into a test right after class without going home and using, playing, practicing what you learned you would lose it all and fail the test.

I don’t want you to fail the test, so start studying now to to succeed in your real test, the test of this life, where our rewards and punishments come in the next Insha’Allah. You can do well and pass! Even if you haven’t started studying yet, remember, we are talking about a Yaser Birjas class here – not a Yasir Qahdi one, where if you started studying for a shaykh Yasir Qahdi test a day before the exam, there wouldn’t be much hope for you. But this is a Yaser Birjas test!! His tend to be easier and a lot more straightforward compared to Yasir Qahdi tests. So if you put a couple hours in, giving our amazing notes your sole focus, and then taking our practice quiz for each chapter, you should at least be able to pass, possibly even get on honor roll and earn another one of our Qabeelat’s awesome prizes!! Plus, this class was on prayer, and we have been using what we learned from Divine Link five times a day, seven days a week over the last 4+ weeks!! Have you been convinced? ”

Knowledge – learn it, apply it, revise it, teach it.” We sat together and learned the knowledge; we worked together with our friends, families, and peers to apply what we learned. It is time we reviewed it to ensure that we apply it in the right way soo that we don’t accidentally teach anyone something wrong. May Allah make this test easy for you, accept all the effort you put into studying for it, and enter us all into Jannah.


Your Academic Team


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