Ya Jama’ah, Let’s Move a Step Closer to the *Liwaa’ Cup!

(*For those of you who don’t know, the “Liwaa’ Cup” is awarded to the BEST AlMaghrib Qabeelah of the year; this is influenced by Qabeelah advancements in volunteerism, class attendance, community involvement, forum activity and exam scores–YES, exam scores…)

Assalaamu Alaykum My Fellow Madinatayners!

The Beautiful Patience exam is scheduled for September 11th. Wait, September 11th—that is less than 24-hours away! You might be thinking, “OH MY GOD, I can’t possibly do well, I won’t have enough time to study!” But read on, my friends, for I am sure you can still do an awesome job on this test.

Yes, there is a test for Beautiful Patience. This may have been your first class; or you may have drifted off at some points, came in late and missed the announcement that there are actually exams for Al-Maghrib classes. And you may question, why have exams for Islamic Studies? The answer is this: if I told you a clear, extremely interesting story, you might think you will never forget this information. But if I asked you to relate the story a month later, with detail and clarity, you will struggle to do so. This is because you wouldn’t have thought about it for a while, or you lost a couple of the details. But if you go over it, and keep it fresh in your mind, there is a good chance you will remember it, when I ask you about it a month later, and hopeful for the rest of your life!

You can do well and pass! Even if you haven’t started studying yet, remember, this is not a Yasir Qadhi class, but a AbulBary Yahya class, rather. It will, by the will of Allah, be easy, simple and straight forward. Remember, as our exam coordinator said, “Everything in this class [Beautiful Patience] is just stories, more stories, tangents, and even more stories, then tangents…” lol Yup, so here’s a story: One of our greatest scholars, Abdullah ibn Mubarak (rahimahu Allah), had a long-time Jewish neighbor who was trying to sell his house. So a man asked him, “How much are you selling your house for?” The Jewish man said, “20,000 dirhams,” to which the man responded, “20,000 dirhams? But your house is only worth 10,000!” The Jewish man then turned and said, “Yes, 10,000 dirhams for the house and another 10,000 dirhams for being ibn Mubarak’s neighbor…”Allahu Akbar, may Allah make us of the muhsineen and a shining example for those around us =) Ameen.

And catch the many other stories, tangents, and lessons from our Beautiful Patience notes section in our Exam Resource Center –> Click Me.

Your Academic Team


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