QMadinatayn’s One Year Anniversary!

Every Qabeelah has it’s hallmarks, and ALHAMDULILLAH, we’ve crossed our 1-year anniversary and we’re still alive and kickin’!  Just how alive are we, well that’s another question…

Our volunteer crew worked arduously these past few weeks to put together this nice presentation that displays our Qabeelah’s work this past year. A special request from our awesome team:  Remember those Facebook/Twitter/other acounts you so strategically utilized during our much-heated-much-talked-about 2011 Liwaa’ competition?  Well here’s what your Qabeelah is asking of you:

  • LIKE the original post on the Qabeelat Madinatayn Facebook page:  “ONE YEAR IN THE MAKING…WALHAMDULILLAH! SHARE this video on your profile if you’re as PUMPED UP about this as we are!!!” http://www.facebook.com/QMadinatayn
  • Post your comment under this video, thereby increasing traffic on our Facebook page.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, share this video by posting it on your profile and by sharing it with your friends and family; either tag them in the post or if you feel like being a super-QM-advertising-junkie then post it directly to their wall.

Alright, that’s all folks! Let’s get the buzz started…


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