Parents–AlMaghrib Seminars are for You Too!

Parents, AlMaghrib Seminars Are for You Too!

Whoever said AlMaghrib seminars are exclusively for the youth has been mistaken!  AlMaghrib Institute and Qabeelat Madinatayn understand that seeking a high-quality and engaging Islamic education is important for everyone, parents included.  That is why we make it a priority to provide for parents a variety of resources and accomodations to help facilitate and make enjoyable the AlMaghrib experience.  Scroll down below to check out our different child-care options!

Parents are among the students taking part in a class activity (Light of Guidance, 2010)


For those parents who would like their child(ren) to stay with them during the seminar, Qabeelat Madinatayn will be providing an adjacent hall for parent-sitting; this hall will have ‘live streaming’ of the seminar so parents can watch their children and benefit from the seminar at the same time. A seat in the main hall will also be available for each paid parent in the event the parent wants to switch places with someone to watch his/her child; unpaid parents cannot sit in the mommysitting hall.   Mommy-sitting is open to parents with children under 9 years old, however, children over 9 who are brought to the class must be put in babysitting. Parents in mommy-sitting are responsible for providing their own food as well as making sure their child is engaged in a quiet activity and not disrupting the class.   Parents may be asked to leave or place their child(ren) into babysitting if there is a continued disturbance. The Mommysitting option is FREE of charge!


We have rented out a room and hired babysitters for the parents that prefer to be engaged in the class. You can avail this service at a nominal charge per child/per weekend. The fee will be $30.00 for 1 child per weekend or $45.00 for 2 children per weekend (charge for additional children TBD). If you decide that you would like to take advantage of this offer, please click on the link below and fill out the babysitting registration form no later than Thursday, November 17th. PLEASE NOTE: If you miss the deadline of the babysitting registration, accommodations will NOT be made for your child(ren) and you will not be able to utilize babysitting for this class.

Parents – come & enjoy the environment of getting ‘ilm LIVE with other students of knowledge and not just sitting at home feeling left out!

Ahlan wa sahlan Parents, no more concerns about your kids and no more excuses!

Looking forward to seeing you at the seminar!


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