Were I to Interpret One Verse of the Qur’an Without Knowledge…

Abu Huraira narrated that Rasoolullah (saw) said, “Opinion-based argument about the Qur’an is KUFR (he repeated this three times). What you know of the Qur’an, act upon it, and what you are ignorant about, refer it to one who knows (scholar).” (Musnad Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal)

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: “المراء في القرءان كفر” (وقالها ثلاثة مرات) ثم قال: “فما عرفتم منه فاعملوا وما جهلتم منه فردوه الى عالمه” – مسند امام احمد

The Prophet sternly warned his companions and later generations of Muslims of interpreting the Qur’an based on speculation and unsubstantiated opinion–especially when influenced by philosophical, western or secular ideas. This is because the Qur’an is the FOUNDATION of Islam, and its study, therefore, must remain pure and untempered with. The only acceptable tafsir is that which is done with proper knowledge, and adhering to the following sequence: tafsir of a verse in light of other verses; then by the sunnah (actions & statements of the Prophet via hadith); then by the explanations of the sahabah (who lived through revelation & witnessed the Prophet implement it); then by a study of the Arabic language and then by ijtihad (calculated opinions of the scholars).

What sky will shade me, what earth will hold me if I were to interpret ONE verse of the Qur’an without proper knowledge?”

Just another reason to register for “Heavenly Hues: Thematic Tafsir of the Qur’an.” May Allah


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