Let’s Bring Back the Power of 10!

Don’t you just love the feeling of having your closest friends attending an AlMaghrib seminar with you?  Isn’t it great to spend two weekends gaining beneficial knowledge with your brothers, sisters, parents and cousins all by your side?  It’s great to attend a seminar with people you know, but sometimes the people you know might need a little nudge (or a little assistance) actually enrolling in the seminar before the ‘Sold Out’ sign comes up.

One of the best ways to ensure that all your closest family and friends actually enroll in an AlMaghrib seminar is to make them part of a Power of 10. A Power of 10 is when a person collects the names, emails and payments of 10 people who wish to attend the seminar.   Guess what?!?  We’re bringing back the Power of 10 as a CHALLENGE (for the upcoming seminar Shahadah: Fiqh of Da’wah), and we’re offering some great prizes for those who participate!  Check out the rules of participation below!

Rules of Participation:

1 – Collect the names, emails and payments for all the people you want to submit

2 – Save the Names and Emails into an excel document.

3 – Email the excel document to almaghrib.minnesota@gmail.com and choose the email subject as Power of 10 Challenge.

4 – The Marketing team will compile the Power of 10’s on a weekly basis and provide the status on our Facebook page.

5 – Each Student that submits a Power of 10 will receive $25 off the seminar; those who submit 2 or more Powers of 10 will receive $60 off the seminar, insha’Allah.

**Challenge ends Friday, February 3rd***

Alright folks, let the Challenge begin!


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