Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

What is Al Maghrib?

To study overseas is indeed a very enriching experience, but not everyone is blessed with such an opportunity. Our hectic schedules often sideline our in-depth study of Islam. It is for this reason that AlMaghrib Institute was established, and has dedicated itself to providing courses on Islam in a six-day, two weekend, intensive seminar format. These trademark double-weekend university-style seminars carry students toward a bachelor’s degree in the Islamic Studies.

Following the ‘seminar’ style of education, AlMaghrib takes the traditional semester long course, beautifully condenses it into six days, and produces an Islamic educational experience that is unique. Their aim is to empower Muslims, two weekends at a time, to carry the message of Allah and His Messenger. Alhamdulillah, AlMaghrib Institute currently has the largest Islamic Studies student body in North America!

Al Maghrib seminars are fun, engaging, and information-packed. Seminars are presently conducted in over ten U.S. cities and four cities in Canada. Attending a seminar means being surrounded by energized students and being taught, live and in person, by an Al Maghrib certified instructor.

Minnesota’s Status?

Our initial foray into the AlMaghrib world began as a thought in the mind of a few leaders from the community in Minnesota. For six years there was a pervading concern about the religious wellbeing of the Muslim youth, and our local scholars suggested AlMaghrib Institute to be the most plausible solution. In their high aspirations, they embarked on an undaunted pursuit to draw the Muslim community into the Mosques and classrooms, and to feed their appetite for Islamic knowledge through the benefits of AlMaghrib.

Having traveled out of state for various AlMaghrib seminars, many of our leaders developed a passion for the institution, which thereafter fostered a new effort to establish a branch in our very own state. We began officially in March of 2010 and, by the will and Tawfeeq of Allah, plenty has happened since then.

For eight months, our volunteers labored untiringly to “Bring AlMaghrib Institute to the Twin Cities.” We let our AlMaghrib booths conquer community events; our AlMaghrib t-shirts set new fashion trends; and through a rigorous email campaign and much-needed dua’a, “AlMaghrib Institute” became a blaring buzz around the community. Eventually, our Promo Event in September of 2010 (Quakes, Shakes & Thunderstorms with Sh. Abdulbary Yahya) rendered us “Banu status” after mustering a total of 650+ attendees.

By then, news reached us that Love Notes would become Banu Madinatayn’s first-ever AlMaghrib Institute seminar. Despite college exams and the chilly cold of Minnesota winter, Love Notes with Sh. Yaser Birjas sold out entirely as 180+ students gathered in eagerness to study the issue of family and marriage life in Islam. It was at that moment—in the last hours of the class—that our Ameer and Ameerah received a text message from AlMaghrib HQ informing us of our newest achievement: we had finally earned Qabeelah status, and we have the title on the Student Forums to prove it!

Being the newest powerhouse tribe of AlMaghrib Institute, our Qabeelah has exerted most of its time and effort expanding the reach and range of its influence. Every moment that passes brings along a new crowd of volunteers, as Muslims young and old pledge their contributions and rise to positions of leadership.

Those who dwell in the harsh climates of Minnesota—the unbearable hots and colds in a land of 20,000+ lakes—come from an array or cultural backgrounds: Somalis, Arabs, Indo-Pakistanis, Turks, and several others, all whom share a deep appreciation for the religion. These are the Muslims of Qabeelat Madinatayn, inhabiting what we call the “Twin Cities” area from which our name is derived. And here on this site is where we record our story…The Tale of the Twin Cities.

We ask Allah ‘azza wa jal to assist us as we tread the path of knowledge and that He raise our study body to the heights of its potential; Jazakum Allahu Khayr and please keep the Muslims of our Qabeelah in your dua’as.

Assalaamu Alaykum,
Qabeelat Madinatayn

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  1. mohamed says:

    I like the fact this institution is promoting so much Islamic knowledge from diverse speakers, BUT I DISLIKE that it is doing it in a view that does NOT Promote Collective Work! Minnesota is known for it’s, “ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA”. which also is promoting Islamic knowledge. AlMaghrib Institute should work with the islamic university connecting speakers with university faculty to bring forth seminars and classes that promote more admission to the university and more. if this is not possible than AlMaghrib Institute should not establish an institution in Minnesota.

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