The Code Evolved: Evolution of Fiqh

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Da’wah Trivia!

QUESTION #1: In class, the Shaykh mentioned that Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq brought five out of ten Mubashireen al-Jannah to Islam (the ten that were granted Jannah). Who are these five companions?

Answer: Uthman ibn ‘Affaan, Talha ibn Ubaidillah, Abdurrahman ibn ‘Awf, Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas, Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarraah [six out of ten got this question correct]

Winner: Sowda Mohamed

QUESTION #2: Some of the early Muslims fled to Abyssinia (Habasha) to seek protection from Quraish. While they were there, King Najashi of Abyssinia asked them to explain how their religious religion differed from Christianity, whereupon the companion Ja’far ibn abi Taleb recited portions of this surah—which is it?

Answer: surat Mariam [seventeen out of nineteen got this question correct]

Winner: Mohamed Njah

QUESTION #3: The prophet sent this companion to Yemen to give da’wah to the Yemeni Christians. What is this sahabi’s name and what qualities did he possess that made him a good choice for da’wah?

Answer: Mu’adh ibn Jabal, for he had patience and knowledge [eleven out of thirteen got this question correct]

Winner: Salma Warsame

QUESTION #4: Prophet Yunus madeone mistake while giving da’wah to his people, and that led to his punishment. What was the mistake and in which verse is this incident mentioned?

Answer: He gave up giving da’wah, so he abandoned his people before Allah gave him permission; surat al-Anbiyaa’, 86 [two out of eight got this question correct]

Winner: Fatiya Omar

QUESTION #5: After this companion took his shahada, he returned back to his tribe to give them da’wah. He only knew the five pillars, yet through him, Allah guided his entire tribe to Islam, AND their rival tribe. Two large tribes embraced Islam because of this one man—what was his name?

Answer: Abu Dharr al-Ghifari [four out of five got this question correct]

Winner: Nadia Abuisnaineh

QUESTION #6: This prophet used rhetorical questions as a da’wah technique to demonstrate the evil of polytheism. Give the name of this prophet and the verse that illustrates this.

Prophet Ibrahim, surat al-An’aam, 75 [one out of three got this question correct]

Winner: Asiya Ali

QUESTION #7: This prophet was so eloquent when he spoke to the extent that his people mocked him, saying, “we don’t understand what you’re saying.” Which prophet is this and where in the Qur’an is this incident mentioned?

Answer: Prophet Shu’aib, surat Hud [one out of three got this question correct]

Winner: Fatiya Omar

QUESTION #8: Where in the Qur’an does Allah provide two short and clear verses (consecutively) refuting atheism?

Answer: surat at-Tur, 35-36 [seven out of nine got this question correct]

Winner: Saido Abdirashid

QUESTION #8: There is a verse from the Qur’an where Allah refutes the trinity doctrine using three words. By illustrating Prophet Isa’s dependency on sustenance, Allah proves that Isa could not have been divine. Which verse is this?

Answer: surat al-Ma’ida, 75 [five out of five got this question correct]

Winner: Kareem Abou-Karam

QUESTION #10: All the prophets began their da’wah efforts in public, calling their people to worship only One God—all except this prophet. His da’wah mission started in secret to a very select few; then later his da’wah became expanded to the general public. Who is he and which verse supports this claim?

Answer: Prophet Muhammad, surat Ash-Shu’araa, 214 [two out of five got this question correct]

Winner: Ahmed Rabi

In Comics: 9 Reasons To Take Fiqh of Da’wah

9. Because like an ‘ajr-entrepreneur, you’re investing in your akhira. Take an Islamic seminar on da’wah. Watch all those hasanat, blessings and rewards roll in…

8. Because tranquility descends and the Angels surround those who partake in Islamic gatherings. Why miss out??

7. Because sometimes you need to take a break from studying physics, literature, history and math… And take a few days to study the deen. Priority, my friend, priority.

6. Because it’s Shaykh Kamal El-Mekki… Meaning you’re spending two weekends with THE black-belt expert of da’wah. Leaving this class, you’ll have gained top-notch training on how to get a shahada in 10 minutes. Your MSA president will be mindblown.

5. Because those long waits at the grocery line or the bus ride home are filled with people clueless about Islam. Wanna learn to answer their hardest questions? Shahada: Fiqh of Da’wah is where it’s at…

4. Because Allah says in His glorious Qur’an: “And who is better in speech than he who … invites others to Allah (and His religion)?” (Surat Fussilat)

He (swt) also says: “Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining al-ma`roof (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding al-munkar (polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). And it is THEY who are successful.”

3. Umm, because everyone is going. ‘Nuff said.

2. Because AGAIN it’s Shaykh Kamal El-Mekki! With a perfect blend of wit and wisdom, his stories and teaching style will have you craving for a Fiqh of Da’wah part 2! And besides, it’s not everyday you get to hear the mango joke live… ;)

1. And because with all the knowledge you’ll gain–all the hikmah and pragmatism–everyone around you will want to embrace Islam. That’s right, everyone… Even your Siri iPhone.


Yeah… Thought so.