Exam FAQ

What is the Exam?

Every AlMaghrib Institute seminar you take has an exam that goes along with it. The exam is a part of the course and is mandatory for all students.

The Exam is Fard?

Yes, the exam is fard, or obligatory for all students.


The best way to retain your knowledge is to study and take an exam on what we learn. Since we’re learning the most important knowledge in the world, Islamic knowledge, it’s super important that we take an exam on our seminar material.

Does this go towards the Degree AlMaghrib offers?

You bet it does. The only way you can get a degree from AlMaghrib Institute is if you take the exams. Even if you’re not aiming for the degree, at least by taking the exams you’ll have something under your belt for the future.

What are some common excuses for not taking the exam?

Excuse: Not enough time to study for the exam.
Answer: Just like you didn’t have time for the class and made time, you can do the same for the exam. Just take some time away from the everyday TV, Facebook, and Internet browsing, review your notes, and take the exam. You’ll be glad you did.

Excuse: I can’t remember all that tons of information, it was so much!
Answer: You don’t have to, the exams aren’t testing every detail, rather, the core concepts of the subject. Study smart, not study more.

Excuse: I don’t have good notes.
Answer: Browse our Study Material section and you’ll find good notes to use inshaAllah.

Excuse: I won’t get a good grade. The exam sounds scary!
Answer: The exams are not that difficult, really. So long as you review your notes more than once. And even if you get a 70%, that’s much better than getting a 0%. Also visit our Study Material section for some excellent notes with quizzes in them.

I’m convinced, where and when is the exam?

Awesome! Check out our Exam page details on the date, time, and venue information for the exam.

I’m a traveler or I missed the exam or I can’t make it, what do I do?

Visit our Exam Deferral page to find out how to defer your exam.

Any questions? Email us for all inquiries.